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Chrono Pools

v2 Pools with per second rewards plus fast forward earnings from the future.
Burn CZF to earn rewards each block for the vesting period. Rewards can be fast forwarded from the future at a discount. APR is set at a base level until enough deposits are collected at which point the APR begins to fall.
Chrono Pools are a Defi 2.0 feature which deliver better APR with greater flexibility to stakers and lower risks to the protocol compared to traditional pools. At launch, only CZF->CZF pools are supported but CZF->BNB and others are planned.

Why Chrono Pools

Traditional v1 pools create a competitive game where a race occurs to accrue as much rewards as possible before the token is dumped. Users are pitted against each other and left to guess who will sell first, forcing even the strongest project supporters to make difficult decisions to protect their capital. Most v1 pool projects attempt to correct this issue by forming partnerships to deliver other tokens to their userbase, but these partnerships are expensive and frequently require deliviering an equal value of tokens to the partner creating a dump in the future.
Like other Defi 2.0 technologies, Chrono Pools convert this competitive game into a cooperative one. It does so by creating a game-theoretic balance through the vesting and fast forward features to make the expectation of other user's to hold to be the only rational one. The diagram below illustrates the logic. Assume that an actor expects CZF to dump. In this case, stakers are expected to call Fast Forward since the future expected value of their CZF has declined. The result is a reduction in CZF emissions. But if CZF emissions are expected to decline, then the long term price of CZF is expected to be higher. But this fact invalidates the original assumption - that CZF will dump. So the expectation is that rational actors will reinvest CZF into Chrono Pools.
Chrono Pools create an expectation for price increases in CZF whether or not the initial expectation is for a CZF dump or for CZF holding.

Chrono Pools Guides

Staking Guide

  1. 2.
    Connect to using your web3 wallet.
  2. 3.
    Select the Chrono Pool you prefer. Longer durations have higher APR.
  3. 4.
    Use the slider to select amount of CZF to deposit. This CZF will be burned.
  4. 5.
    Confirm the transaction, and wait several minutes. The dApp will automatically begin to update showing your vesting CZF.
  5. 6.
    Claim or Reinvest your CZF as often as you like.

Fast Forward Guide

  • If you need your future CZF now, you can fast forward.
  • The % displayed is the amount of future vesting CZF you will receive (eg 5% means you will get 5% of your future vesting CZF).
  • After you fast forward, the pool will no longer earn you any CZF.
  • You may deposit CZF into any pool at any time again after Fast Forward.
  • Calling Fast Forward then immediately redepositing CZF will result in a net CZF burn since the Fast Forward return is lower than the burned CZF from the initial deposit.

Technical Details

Compounding (APY)

The displayed interest rates are APR (Annual Percentage Rate). You can multiply the APR by 365 days then divide bythe period to get the interest earned over the period without compounding.
Example: For a 7 day pool with 300%, the interest earned over the 7 days is 300*7/365=~5.75. So for a 10.000m CZF deposit in the pool, after 7 days it will be worth 10.575m CZF.
You can earn APY instead of APR by reinvesting frequently. The more often you reinvest, the faster your investment will grow. For most people, once or twice a day is sufficient. You can calculate what your APY would be using any online daily APY calculator.
Note that Chrono Pools use a unique queueing system for vests. That means each deposit you make gets its own period. So if your first deposit is for 7 days on Jan 1 and vests on Jan 7, then on Jan 2 you reinvest, your first vesting is unaffected but the reinvested amount will vest over Jan 2 to Jan 8.

APR and Emissions

Each asset type is controlled by a separate Chrono Pool Service with its own base emission rate. The Chrono Pool Service adds up all the Chrono Pools under its control (such as 7 days, 90 days, 1 year) and checks if the emission rate is over the base emission rate. If it is, then it begins to reduce the APR based on the combined emission rate. The reduction is proportional to 1/x.
The above is sufficient for the APR to be calculated. The APR is set on deposit and never changes over the course of the vest. So if 10m of CZF is deposited in a 1 year Chrono Pool at 1000%, then after 1 year there will be exactly 110m CZF if there are no claims or reinvests - 10m CZF from the initial investment and 100m from interest.
For CZF->XXX Chrono Pools, the calculation still works and the APR is also set at the beginning. However, the absolute amount of XXX finally delivered depends on its price relative to CZF. For these pools, the vesting XXX estimations can fluctuate widely depending on market conditions.

Contract Addresses 📃

Chrono Pool Service: 0x5B11FB84ca9bBFA02894d7385bfD0d46F2D30843