CZodiac Litepaper


Farming and staking platform with additional defi tools.

Stake CZR (CZR TribePools)

The Tribe Pools automatically purchase our partner tokens and distribute them to stakers.
  • Fees: Staking is free, unstaking charges a fee displayed on the pool. You can slot a Bad Rabbit from to remove these fees. Bad Rabbits cannot be unslotted for 30 days after they are slotted.
  • Duty: Each pool has two variants, one is duty free the other has a duty. A duty means you need to hold LRT tokens in your wallet to use the pool. This LRT is not staked and there are no fees for holding it. You can buy LRT on
  • Rewards: Rewards are paid out every second proportionate to every user's CZR stake. So for instance, if you stake 20% of the CZR in a pool, you will get 20% of the rewards. Rewards are primarily funded from 9% burnpay on CZR, but may also be added from other sources.

Stake NFT (NFT Pools)

You can stake NFTs from to earn CZR per second.
  • Fees: There are no fees for NFT Pools. You can stake and unstake at any time with no penalty.
  • Rewards: A 1% tax on CZR provides the rewards for these NFT pools. They are paid out proportionately based on the number of NFTs staked. All NFTs have equal weight in the pool. If there are 100 total NFTs staked, and your stake is 10 NFTs, you will earn 10% of the rewards.

Swap CZUSD (CzusdGate)

Swap CZUSD and BUSD for each other.
  • Fees: The CzusdGate has different fees based on the reputation of the connected wallet. The fee display will update based on the currently connected wallet's reputation. Keep an eye on our Twitter or Telegram to learn about next opportunity to apply for improved reputaiton status!
  • Limits: The CzusdGate has a limit on maximum outflows per day. So if your swap from CZUSD to BUSD fails, try a smaller amount. The timer resets every 24 hours. There are no limits on BUSD to CZUSD swaps.
  • Arbitrage: Using the CzusdGate to arbitrage CZUSD/BUSD lp is not permitted and may result in your wallet being blacklisted. Blacklisted wallets may have any CZODIAC ecosystem assets seized with the option for an appeal to high reputation wallet holders in CZODIAC.