CZodiac Litepaper

Launchpad: FairTribe

Investments in new deflationary tokens launched on CZUSD.

Benefits for launching your token with FairTribe:

  • $10k+ liquidity investment from CZODIAC.
  • Automatic Volume with TribePools.
  • Impenetrable price floors.
  • Quality presale, stats dapps included.
  • Promotion to CZODIAC community.
  • 0% presale taxes.
  • No fees.
To launch your token, ask on our public telegram channel at There are no fees for launching with CZODIAC.

What is a FairTribe Launch?

A FairTribe launch is a new token launch on CZUSD liquidity. CZodiac invests the CZUSD into the intial locked liquidity in exchange for strong tokenomics with a guaranteed hard price floor. Unlike a normal fair launch, FairTribe launches have a stronger price floor and greater liquidity due to the CZUSD investment.
There are no fees or investment requirements for launching a new token with CZODIAC.
Every FairTribe token is eligible for listing on TribePools, which generate automatic buy volume.
All FairTribe launches get free listing on

What is are the tokenomics for a new launch?

Launch Without Presale

A standard FairTribe launch has 10,000 tokens, 10,000 CZUSD investment from CZODIAC, and 100% of tokens in liquidity. The token has a 10% burn and utilizes BurnPay to send rewards to a contract address that distributes it further. The liquidity and price floor rise over time due to the burn plus locked CZUSD liquidity. Examples of standard launches include LSDT and LRT.
There are no restrictions or requirements for launching without a presale.

Launch With Presale

With a presale, the tokenomics will be custom to the project. The CZODIAC team will calculate the ideal tokenomics to meet the specific needs of the project. Usually these will include some portion of tokens or the presale funds to go to the initial development team. Some tokens launch with one or more presales before open trading on pancakeswap. CZODIAC provides the presale dapp which allows buyers to purchase the token at a fixed rate. Examples of tokens that launched with a presale include GEM and DGOD.
CZODIAC will make a CZUSD investment at a multiple of the amount of assets raised in the presale. This investment can be quite large, from $10k up to over $10m depending on the size of the presale and strength of the core tokenomics.
Launches with a presale also must meet a variety of requirements after a review by CZODIAC. Generally, these requirements are as follows:
  • Active and interested community.
  • Real utility for token holders.
  • Strong price floor at 65%+ of launch price.
  • 70%+ of tokens in starting liquidity.
  • 100% locked liquidity.
  • Good reputation of launching team.
  • Custom tokenomics prepared by CZODIAC.
  • Approval by general CZODIAC community at their discretion.