Rewards for Stim Farms, Pack Vaults, and Robo pools with burning mechanics.
The CZF token is an inflationary farming token with rewards to Stim Farms, Farms v1, Pack Vaults, and Pools v1. These tokenomics will be updated as new features are released. Over time, more burn features will be added rather than mint features.
All of CZF is distributed to the community. The initial distribution of CZF was to over 1000 CZodiac members who had a history of strong holding and positive behaviour in the CZodiac community. All remaining CZF is distributed fairly to dapp users. No CZF is reserved for team members, influencers, or marketing. 100% of liquidity is provided by the CZodiac community.


  • Farms v1: 888 CZF/block (decreasing as Stim Farms collect LP)
  • Pack Vaults: 40 CZF/block
  • Pools v1: 200 CZF/block
  • Catalytic Development: 75 CZF/block
  • Stim Farms: Short term mints for LP accumulation not in excess of 2.5B CZF.


  • CZVault Peg: $100,000 - $1,000,000 / year (10% of capital locked)

Supply (est.)

  • MAX: ~27B CZF - dependent on growth of CZF protocol. The faster CZF mc grows, the lower the expected maximum supply will be.
  • CURRENT: ~4.5B CZF - Check BSCSCan for latest value. All CZF are in circulation.
  • NET ISSUANCE: ~1.0B CZF/month, dependent on Stim Farms.


CZFarm (BSC): 0x7c1608C004F20c3520f70b924E2BfeF092dA0043
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