TigerHunt Guide (legacy)
Tigerhunt is a simple dapp game with tigz token to earn Limited edition NFTs. The Holders of NFTs will receive share of all upcoming zodiac token and able to participate governance of project. Basically, you stake your TIGZ token to obtain Tiger Hunt Points (TigHP) which is the point by which winner of the game will be decided. So your task is to acquire as much TigHP as possible. Also, there are abilities like Eat, Sleep, Drink, and Poop that lets you gain points based on your staked TIGZ. Let’s dive into the rules of the game. So, basically what you have to do is to earn BEP20 Tiger Hunt Points (TigHP) which will win you unique Tiger Zodiac NFTs!
Click the game link https://app.czodiac.com/#/tigerhunt and make sure you are in Bsc mainnet and connect the dapp.
The more TIGZ you stake the more TigHP you will earn. Stake your TIGZ tokens therefor you must have TIGZ token in your wallet for staking (Note that staking limit starts from 1M, so you must have at least 1M TIGZ in your wallet). You can stake your TIGZ by clicking on stake button. The more TIGZ you stake the more points you will earn as TigHP.
Eat, Sleep, Drink, and Poop are abilities that you can use to gain points based on your staked TIGZ. But the problem with these abilities is it consumes certain cool off time until it can be used again. You need to complete these steps inorder to TigHP. You can complete your task at once by clicking on eat sleep drink poop button, otherwise you need to do 4 transactions (save your gas fees). Keep doing this whenever you can.
‌Now Before getting into the hunt lets talk about how someone wins in a fight. As basic law of nature the strongest will defeat the weaker ones. Your Strength actually depends on the number of TigHP you have and whether or not you have guard. People with more TigHP can hunt you or you can hunt unprotected players to steal 5% of their TigHP and burn 5% more from them unless the player have a guard.
When you attempt the Hunt, a future Hunt Block is selected. After that block is passed, whether you won or lost the Hunt will be displayed. If you won, you must quickly claim your win before 100 blocks pass from your win or your hunt will fail. Winning a hunt will transfer 5% to you from the target and burn another 5% from the target. So, you will gain 5% and target loses 10%.
‌The weaker the player (Less TigHP) the higher the chance for you to win the hunt. The chance is 50% for unguarded players with twice your TigHP and 0% for unguarded players with 4 times your TigHP, and 100% for players with 0 TigZHP. The chance for guarded players is 50% for same TigHP as yours and 0% for guarded players 2 twice your TigHP.
So, what is a Guard? This is one of the important features of the game. Guard reduces the chance of successfully hunting you down by half. You need to burn 10% of your TigHP in order to activate (for 24 hour). But How exactly do you find unprotected players? Well, you can do this by searching on BSCscan and check if they guarded. If they burned some TigHP recently they may have guarded. Since, we have covered rules of the game.
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