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Dear Czodiacians, we are delighted to announce that we have released Chinese Zodiac v0.5.4 This will be a new feature in our system, whose release we had already predicted. A new button “Earn on CZFarm” would have poped up on the homepage of . You can use this button which will grand you this new feature that we have introduced. Th button will direct you to “czfarm”. Here, you will find a menu which include Farms, Pools and Trade. Also, here we introduce CZFarm tokens. CZFarm is a CZodiac farming token which can be used for earning rewards from PCS LP with CZUsd. It will enable the community to capture wealth via BUSD deposits into the CZUsd contract & allow the whole community to profit from the BUSD interest.
how does this work?
Each Farm that are shown in the website (for instance, CZF/TIGZ) is capable of producing Pancakeswap Liquidity Tokens (called LP). In order to start staking your CZF and your TIGZ, you should scroll down to that farm in the website and click "Mint TIGZ/CZF on PCS" button. That will take you to the page on Pancakeswap where you can combine your TIGZ(0x535874bfbecac5f235717faea7c26d01c67b38c5) and CZF(0x7c1608C004F20c3520f70b924E2BfeF092dA0043) to mint the LP tokens. Then return to the farm page and refresh, your balance should show up in your wallet. Then, approve to claim your tokens. Start staking start earning!!
Now let’s dive into each of these menu options starting with Farm. In Farm option you will be able to see three different types of farms namely CZF/BUSD Farm, CZF/BNB Farm and finally TIGZ/CZF Farm. Information about each of these farms can be seen within its box and with buttons that perform unique functions that can be performed in that farm. The information usually consists of Your stats (i.e., the user’s status) and the overall pool stats. Taking the case of TIGZ/CZF Farm we can see that inside pool status the APR is 2715.144%, Allocation being 200 and CZF produced per day (CZF/DAY) equals to 12.04M CZF. Your stats part contains information such as total value of TIGZ/CZF we staked, total value of TIGZ/CZF tokens that we have in our wallet, claimable amount of CZF and CZF/DAY. With TIGZ/CZF farm we can also perform functions like withdraw all the staked TIGZ/CZF tokens or claim all the CZF tokens produced in the farm.
CZF/BUSD Farms and CZF/BNB also shows the same info as mentioned but of the respective Farms. Your stat contains information about total value of staked token, tokens available in the wallet, claimable CZF tokens and CZF/DAY of the corresponding farm. Pool stats also shows information about its corresponding farms. As an example, for CZF/BUSD Farm APR is 117.33%, allocation is 100 and CZF/DAY is 6.02M CZF. In case od CZF/BNB Farm the pool stat shows APR as 1600.47%, allocation as 125 and CZF/DAY as 725M CZF
When we choose the ‘pools’ option we will be presented with two pools. One is CZF pool and the other is TGZ pool. As the name suggest CZF pool is used to stake your CZF tokens and TGZ pool is used to stake TGZ tokens. We would also like to inform you about various updates that are yet to be release one of which include the introduction of RBZ(Rabbit Zodiac) pool which will also be added into this group during the next update of CZodiac. Another point to be aware of is that we have partner up with various projects, which will be notified soon, during these periods the ones who stacked CZF tokens in CZF pool will have the upper hand in acquiring tokens of these partnered project for free!!
So, rules are pretty simple here the TIGZ and CZF tokens that you bought or is in hand can be staked in its corresponding pool by click of a button. If you look at the website you can clearly see the buttons Stake Withdraw All and Claim buttons. As for what it does is pretty simple. The Stake button stakes the Tokens that you have in your wallet. You can choose whether to stake all your tokens or any amount accordingly. The withdraw all button with draws all the Tokens you have staked so far. And finally, the claim button is used to claim corresponding tokens that is TGZ in TIGZ pool and CZF in CZF pool. Various information about your stats and the total pool stat will be shown in each of the pool also with the opening time and the closing time of the staking process. Information inside Your stat includes the amount of staked tokens, tokens available in your wallet, claimable tokens and number of tokens produced that day. The pool stat include information on APR, TVL, Tokens(CZF or TGZ)/DAY and USD/DAY.
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