Czodiac Nft
NFTs are very hot right now in cryptospace! Let’s add some spice by having NFTs for your Chinese Zodiac Sign! We will be minting 12 Limited edition NFTs for each Zodiac Sign that will be funded using the development fund from taxes. Each of which will be unique on its own. These all together will add up to 144 total Limited edition NFTs that you can acquire. Wait, there’s more, these are not one of those marketing strategies used to attract people, these NFTs will be officially listed on Treasureland. Firstly, distribution of OxZodiac NFTs will be held and these tokens won’t be having any common NFTs. Next comes TigerZodiac tokens along with the Tiger Zodiac NFTs. The common NFTs of TigerZodiac will be distributed among the participants of the Tiger Hunt game.
We also provide you the opportunity to acquire common NFTs by various games, like the Tiger Hunt game that was recently conducted and Rabbit Hunt that will be coming up, which will be updated on the go. Common NFTs will be gifted for the participants who meets the required criterion declared in the game. For example, in the Tiger Hunt game the top 70% participants having highest Tiger HP were gifted with common NFTs. We are looking forward to conduct these kinds of games thus providing each member of our community a chance to own NFT thus increasing overall value of their portfolio.
CZodiac NFTS will begin earning with NFT Staking v1 launch.
Last modified 1mo ago
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