CZodiac Litepaper


Scaling down emission rates for CZF
  • Each Halvening reduced the emissions of Chrono Pools and Exotic Farms by 50%.
  • There were three Halvenings that took place in 2022; January 7th, January 15th, and March 21st.
  • Afterwards, Halvenings will occur once per month on the first Sunday if the longest duration pool has an APR over 100% (eg, 10 years is over 100% APR)
    There's four reasons to do "The Halvening"
    1. 1.
      High APR was not needed with basic utility of passive weekly airdrops to the holders of CZodiac NFTs
    2. 2.
      APR for the LP farms will fall after Rabbit Catch massively, the Halvening will keep the Chrono Pools and Exotic Farms in line.
    3. 3.
      Early investors locked in their APR and will not be affected by The Halvening, but it will still have enough APR to encourage new investments.
    4. 4.
      Reduced future emissions allows more options with the future game with potential to swap vesting CZF for vesting tokens for new projects.