CZodiac Litepaper

Scorch Peg

Pegs CZUSD to $1 while maintaining assets in the Vault.
The Scorch Peg is a fully collateralized self-sustaining peg for CZUSD.
Unlike other collateralized pegs, the Scorch Peg's operation is fully automated and does not require users to deposit assets. The Scorch Peg actively trades the CZUSD/BUSD peg back to $1 whenever it goes over or under the peg. It takes the profits from this trading activity and stores it into a BUSD Vault. The vault automatically compounds the BUSD interest. Additionally, profits are continuously given back to the users of the Staking Pools v1 on, which currently output over $300 per day to CZF stakers.
The current assets held backing CZUSD are completely visible in our Gnosis Safe Multikey Vault