CZodiac Litepaper


Stablecoin pegged to $1 via Scorch Peg and Exempt Borrow. The backbone of the DeFi Bank.
CZUSD is a unique and secure algorithmic stablecoin with yield-bearing assets. CZUSD can be traded directly to its peg on any Decentralized Exchange (DEX) using CZodiac's own 'Scorch Peg' system. CZUSD can also be used for lending and subsidizing liquidity to new tokens and projects without sacrificing its backing assets. [see FairTribe Investment Program]
The combination of backing assets and automatic price pegging reduces the complexity of CZUSD compared to other protocols. Less complexity equates to less risk.
With top-notch security at its core, CZUSD is exempt from bugs or exploits while safely allowing the addition of new features.

Contracts 📃

  • CZUSD (BSC): 0xE68b79e51bf826534Ff37AA9CeE71a3842ee9c70
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