CZodiac Litepaper

Farms v2

Earn high APR with CZF LP tokens.
Users deposit Liquidity (LP) tokens into farms which earn CZF every block. This CZF can then be claimed and deposited into pools, reinvested into LP, or sold. There are two primary types of farms: CZF LP farms and CZUSD/BUSD stable LP farms.

🥕Types of farms

CZF LP farms provide a higher APR but greater volatility for the underlying capital. Put simply, it is possible to lose money with CZF LP farms. But with greater risk comes greater rewards as the APR on these farms are much higher. If you are looking for the highest yield, choose CZF LP farms.
The CZUSD/BUSD stable LP farm does not have any risk. Since CZUSD and BUSD are always both equal to $1, it is not possible for the capital to decrease in value. In fact, it will slowly increase in value as the LP collects trading fees. On top of those trading rewards are the CZF rewards. If you are looking for high yield with low risk, choose the CZUSD/BUSD farm.

🥦How to farm CZF LP

First go to and connect your wallet on the BSC network then navigate to the CZFarms list. The farms
Once you pick your pair you will need equal USD amounts of CZF and the partner token. For instance, if you plan to farm CZF/DST you will need equal USD value of CZF and DST. You can purchase CZF on For the other token, as long as they are a CZodiac partner, we usually list it on as well. Make sure you get the right contract for the less common tokens. You can ask in the CZodiac telegram chat to make sure. For new farmers, its best to choose a common or stable farming pair such as BNB, CZUSD, BTCB, ETH, BUSD, or CAKE. These tokens hold their value the best and are lower risk than less common pairs, although the rewards are also lower.
Next you will need to mint the liquidity. Each farm on has a link to mint the liquidity for that pair. Click the link and follow the instructions on the DEX. Most of the time, the LP will be on although other dexes such as Cafeswap, Apeswap, Donkswap and Babyswap are also popular.
Finally, go back to the farm on The farm will now display the balance of LP tokens in your wallet, but you aren't staked yet! You need to first click the "Approve"button to approve the farm. Then a staking option will be unlocked and you can increase your stake in the farm.

🌽How to farm Stablecoin LP (CZUSD/BUSD)

Farming stablecoins is identical to farming CZF, except you will need to buy CZUSD from -or- and mint CZUSD/BUSD instead. The v2 CZUSD/BUSD farm is on the same page as the CZF LP farms - scroll until you spot it.
The advantage of farming CZUSD/BUSD LP is no risk of impermannet loss to the farmer. Since CZUSD and BUSD are both pegged to $1, the farmer cannot lose their capital and instead their farmed deposit will automatically increase over time from trading fees. Since they also earn CZF on top, it is an excellent way to earn high APR with low risks.
Buy CZUSD and mint CZUSD LP here on

Contract Addresses 📃

CZFarm Master: 0xba968e7Ac9879eE5b0248e0CdBF0e4e82771C62D