CZodiac Litepaper

Rabbit Catch

NFT game where participants buy NFTs to catch Rabbits and win prizes.

CZodiac Rabbit NFTs

  • Each NFT holder, whether Rabbit or other CZodiac NFT, receive a weekly CZF airdrop of at least $1. The actual amount may be higher when the returns from the assets in v1 farms are higher.
  • The Rabbit NFTs are launched by the Rabbit Catch NFT Sale game.
  • BNB raised for CZodiac will be invested as follows:
    • 80% to CZF LP, deposited into v1 farms.
    • 10% to CZF buy and burn.
    • 10% to CZUSD buy and burn.

What are Rabbit NFTs?

The CZodiac Rabbit NFTs are 2500 randomly generated Rabbit portraits. They have 10 different options for each of 9 different traits. Each option has a different rarity, so there are 10 different rarity levels.
In addition to their collectible value, the Rabbit NFTs (along with the other CZodiac NFTs on the same smart contract) will receive a weekly airdropped vesting CZF to the current holder. No staking required! Just keep the NFT in your wallet, show it off to your friends, and get airdropped CZF.

Rabbit NFT Yields

CZF LP will be purchased from the CZodiac's portion of the BNB. The CZF LP will be deposited in the czodiac v1 farms where it will earn CZF interest. Since 50% of the raise will go to purchase CZF off the market, the CZF price (and liquidity) will both skyrocket. . The actual returns will depend on the CZF price and the percentage of the v1 farms that are owned by this new POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity). For illustrative purposes only, if the CZF price increases due to these buys to 0.00005 USD and 75% of the v1 farms are converted to POL, then $290,000 CZF would be distributed weekly and each NFT would receive $117 of CZF each week. If the APR for the NFTs is 120%, then the base value of each NFT would be $35000. On top of this base yield value, each Rabbit NFT has a unique appearance and traits giving them an additional collectible value on top.

Why Rabbit NFTs?

CZodiac has substantial POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity) from Exotic Farms. This POL has proven to create a rising price floor and prevent the risk of a liquidity run. By using the raise from Rabbit NFT sales to increase POL, the CZF price floor will rise and the amount of POL will increase dramatically. This POL will be held by the CZodiac treasury where it will earn interest from trading fees, generating revenue over time. Additionally, the emissions to non-POL on v1 farms will dramatically decrease as the POL is deposited into those v1 farms. These huge advantages can all happen without any change to CZF emissions, since the CZF for the Rabbit NFT yields will come directly from the v1 farms.

Rabbit Catch (NFT sale)

Overview 📜

  • Price starts at 0.1 BNB
  • Every 100 buys, price increases 0.1 BNB (average would be 1.3 BNB, total: 3250 BNB
  • Sale has 24 hour countdown timer, every purchase resets the timer.
  • Sale ends EITHER when timer runs out OR when 2500 Rabbits have been sold.
  • NFTs are airdropped every 1-3 days.
  • First 24 hours is whitelist only
  • Max 5 NFT per 24 hours
  • 50% goes to CZodiac for the LP and buybacks, 50% goes to prizes

Prizes 💰

  • Rabbit Creed 10% to referral rewards, if someone uses your referral code you get 10% of their purchase
  • Rabbit Greed 10% to biggest buyer: 5% to first, 2.5% each to second and third
  • Rabbit Breed 10% to best collection (most variety of traits in one wallet): 5% to first, 2.5% each to second and third
  • Rabbit Fancier 10% to rarest rabbit holders (Rabbit with rarest traits): 5% to first, 2.5% each to second and third
  • Rabbit Rocket 10% to last buyer (if sale ends early, otherwise to CZodiac treasury)
Apply for whitelisting:

Partners Info

Since the Rabbit Catch sale will be purchasing LP for all v1 farms, half of the treasury BNB will be used to purchase partner tokens!
The purchase amount will depend on allocation of the farm. At cap and with the current farm allocations, this will be approximately: > 6.4 BNB per 10 allocation points.
The actual amount will vary as the operations will take place over some time and may be affected by swings in market prices.
A sample of what these purchases might approximately be for sample partnered tokens are below. Actual amounts can vary depending on changes to v1 farm allocations.
  • GHD: 12.8 BNB
  • BREW: 6.4 BNB
  • IF1: 12.8 BNB
  • BRY: 12.8 BNB
  • GAME1: 12.8 BNB
  • PRHO: 12.8 BNB
  • GUT: 12.8 BNB
  • AMPLE: 25.6 BNB
  • MAINST: 25.6 BNB
  • BABY: 6.4 BNB
  • DEP: 76.8 BNB [NOTE: THESE PRIZES AND BUYBACKS WERE COMPLETED AFTER THE FIRST ROUND OF RABBIT CATCH. IS CURRENTLY OPEN AGAIN FOR OPEN MINTING. ALL NFT HOLDERS RECEIVED $1 WEEK FOR 32 WEEKS] As of September 21st, 2022, the original NFT staking pools are still in the pipeline and we are in the final processes of drafting solutions for gamified interaction for these NFTs