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FairTribe Investment Program
CZodiac aims to accelerate blockchain innovation and increase the adoption of DeFi applications with its "FairTribe Investment Program". The program follows a unique framework that includes a strategic assessment and a screening process of the project. Based on the available market desirability, strategic fit, viability, experience, and cross functional usability, CZodiac will qualify a potential project for a chance to receive liquidity investment. CZodiac will evaluate, implement, and enhance the project's work scheme by providing the resources needed to take the project to the next level. Before launching a Tribe token, CZodiac eliminates security risks and "Rug Pulls" through audits of the smart contracts and deployers. CZodiac has a selection of prepared token contracts with flexible terms that meet most needs. For projects with a request for custom features, higher FairTribe Tiers may request dev support or provide their own custom contract.
Through our "Tribal Council," new DeFi projects benefit from strategic guidance and technical support to help build the trust required for investors. The Fair Launch Project or "Tribe Token" will receive a token contract with fully backed liquidity in CZUSD, our DeFi stable token, that is pegged to $1.

  • CZodiac provides a token at no risk to our partners
  • Commands strong community enrichment
  • Brings a new level of group landscape design to the most promising projects
  • Capitalizes on providing the most stable liquidity backing on the BSC
  • Subsidizes a floor price that will never break requirements for token parameter
  • Advanced tokenomics and custom 'BurnPay' tech which is 100% exclusive to CZodiac FairTribe

FairTribe 'Tiers' Chart

The FairTribe Liquidity Investment will seed the initial liquidity for each launch. Depending on the needs of the Tribe's project, a certain percentage of the new token's supply will start in the CZUSD pair. [see $CZUSD for details]

The CZodiac Team believes that an emphasis on quality helps our partners meet their goals. We combine technical expertise with world-class communicators to maximize the success of our partner's projects. Our innovation is at the forefront of the DeFi space alongside our partners.
Our team's focus for every FairTribe launch:
  • Rapid Qualitative Self-Assessment
  • Technical Smart Contract Excellence
  • Unparalleled Security and Governance
  • Operational Capacity in Top 0.1% Blockchain Projects
  • Promotion and Global Influence
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