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Earn higher yields with CZodiac's suite of defi dapps.
This page provides an overview for all the CZodiac Community's projects. More details are in the side bar to the left, or on!
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What is CZodiac DeFi Bank?

In short, the CZodiac DeFi Bank generates revenue on the open market using stablecoin swaps and high-yield, but low-risk, yield aggregation. The profits are returned to the CZodiac Community in a vast ecosystem of rewards ranging from token staking & farming to high-liquidity token trading opportunities. The CZ DeFi Bank has become mostly a protected and automated process which endorses the exclusive framework of the FairTribe Initiative.

What is the CZodiac Community?

CZodiac's defi dapps empower the community to earn high interest with CZF (Chinese Zodiac Farming Token). These rates are created through a combination of defi game theory and protocol revenue generated from assets held by the protocol.
  • FairTribe: CZUSD investments in new fair launch tokens that launch with 100% CZUSD liquidity. Increases the value locked in the Scorch Peg, burning CZF.
  • Scorch Peg: Automatically pegs CZUSD to $1 by burning CZF. The peg deposits trading profits from holding the peg into vaults to earn interest. This interest is then used to burn CZF, reducing supply.
  • Exotic Farms: Deliver LP and earn vesting CZF every second with no Impermanent Loss (IL). Delivered LP is transferred to the protocol's treasury, creating a rising price floor.
  • Chrono Pools: Defi v2 style pools with per-block vesting. Users stake CZF to earn other tokens each block. Fast Forward delivers rewards from the future into the present at a discount.
  • Farms v2: Farms which increase CZF liquidity while simultaneously locking CZF. All farms are against CZF pairs meaning farmers are rewarded with high APR for supporting CZF instead of dumping.
  • Pools v1: Tokens collected from dApps and partners are then distributed to CZF stakers via pools with high APR.
Dapps: state-of-the-art farming & staking platform all-in-one multi-purpose AMM and DEX mint the original CZodiac Rabbits here small-batch NFTs that eliminate taxes on

BEP20 Tokens


CZF is the protocol token for CZodiac. It is earned as rewards for participation in the CZodiac Ecosystem. It is staked as liquidity in farms and as an asset in pools earning various tokens. It is an inflationary token whose supply is set by a balance between minting and burning. The total supply of CZF is expected to never exceed 1-trillion and will likely stay far below this number.


CZUSD is a stabletoken. The peg is maintained by the Scorch Peg which trades the token back to $1 and uses the profits to reward the users of the CZodiac DeFi Bank.
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